Transitions is a comprehensive introduction to the key ideas and experiential approach at Re-Vision as well as being a prerequisite for entry to the Foundation Year – the next intake for the foundation year is autumn 2022.  When held in person Transitions is usually run at our building in NW London near Queen’s Park tube station and is non-residential.  However, we are running one residential iteration this year in April at beautiful Ammerdown near Bath – see below.  

The one thing we can be sure of in life is that it will change. The Transitions course is for those exploring new options in the face of such change. This course is for those who want to:
• take the time to renew themselves and search for fresh meaning
• ground their spiritual vision in a psychological discipline
• enrich their personal development
• or apply for the Counselling and Psychotherapy Training at Re-Vision.

What does this course have to offer?
• deep insight into your life patterns
• healing of old wounds
• tools to turn crises into opportunities
• unblocking of creative flow
• renewed sense of purpose
• a solid basis for making decisions
• trust in the inner wisdom of soul

Whether taking the course purely for personal interest or as the first step in their counselling or psychotherapy training with Re-Vision, participants from every walk of life have found this remarkable course of immense personal value. Using imagery, ritual, drawing, mask-making, dramatic enactment and dialogue, it explores the legacy of family history as well as the longing for something more in life. The course structure follows a healing cycle that allows participants to perform a fundamental ‘re-visioning’ of their next step in life.

The Transitions course is normally held at Re-Vision’s premises over four days running from Thursday evenings with full day programmes until Monday afternoon. The fee for the in-person course is £425. However, given the continuing levels of risk to those who are vulnerable, the challenges of public transport and the difficulties of maintaining adequate social distancing within the Re-Vision building, Transitions is currently running online at least up to the February event. On-line is an adapted and slightly shortened event, over 3 days at a fee of £285.

We hope we will be able to return in person in April 2022 – and see also the residential Transitions  being held in Somerset in April.

2022 Transitions dates 

18-21 February 2022 (online) 

18-21 April 2022 – residential at Ammerdown near BathNOW FULL Transitions Residential 2022 flyer 

28 April – 2 May 2022

28 July – 1 August 2022

4- 8 August 2022

25-29 August 2022 

1- 5 December 2022

Entry to Transitions is by application – Please email or phone us to get the application pack. Please note that these courses are filling very quickly.

Past participants have said:

 “The experiential/visioning exercises were fabulous”
“…because it was so directly related to experience, some things I’ve ‘known’ suddenly made great sense…”
“It had to be safe enough to take risks, to risk exposure, and for me … it was. This containment and nurturing was an important aspect of what the facilitators provided.”
“I felt the whole programme hung together so well and built profoundly.”
“The careful structuring of the course enabled each of us to work at our own pace and to be seen and heard just as much or as little as we wished.”
“I think this course can benefit anybody, but I would recommend it especially to people who feel their life is compartmentalised and are suffering because of it, people who are trapped, stuck and want to find a new direction.”
“Very powerful journey – provides lots of insight. We all need to make more time for this”

After doing Transitions a gap of up to three years can be taken before applying for the training. If more than three years have passed then you would be asked to repeat the course before entering the training.

Last updated 04/02/2022