About Us

Re-Vision’s History

In 2018, Re-Vision celebrated its 30th birthday,  The organisation has grown a little over the years and changed in some ways, but not in others.  The Winter Residential held in January 2018  celebrated the 30th anniversary and celebrated the founders, Chris and Ewa Robertson.  Also, see these memories published as part of  the 20th anniversary celebrations which gives some of the flavour of Re-Vision’s beginnings Dreaming Re-Vision, Roe Woodroffe 2008

Re-Vision’s Mission Statement

Re-Vision aims to change people’s quality of life – to catalyse psychological, social and spiritual transformation. We accomplish this through our combination of clinical excellence and soulful care in our counselling and psychotherapy training, public courses and affordable counselling. We aim to provide greater accessibility to counselling and psychotherapy by embracing difference both within the Re-Vision community and in our relations with the public.

Re-Vision’s Values

The bringing together of spiritual values with sound clinical skills is central to Re-Vision’s mission. Openness, honesty, clarity, beauty and tolerance are values that Re-Vision is committed to putting into practice. The essence of our identity as a community is to embody care, integrity and meaning-making, both in our work with individuals and in our efforts to reach out and have an influence on the larger society.

  • we recognise that counselling and therapy function within a social, ecological and political context that can be forgotten in the consulting room
  • we seek to honour external world reality alongside psychological reality
  • we temper high ideals with knowledge of the shadow side of the human psyche and the need for grounded practice
  • we try to model what we teach and be open to re-vision ourselves in the light of new perspectives and feedback.

Counselling and psychotherapy are the most intimate of professions. The size of training groups is maintained at a level that allows for close contact and personal attention. The organisational structure ensures a degree of care and responsiveness to individual needs that only a small organisation can offer. As in individual therapy, where adapting to the specific needs of the client is paramount, so having the organisational flexibility to give individual attention to students is a high priority. The principle here is that of valuing individual differences.   Re-Vision literally means the ‘willingness to look again’. This means we are a learning organisation that gives a high priority to listening to feedback from all whom we serve. Re-Vision has drawn together a body of like-minded people deeply committed to care of the soul – including the ecological and social realities within which we work and practice. The attached articles give some flavour of the Re-Vision approach:

And – 30 years in the making, Re-Vision recently published a book ‘Transformation in Troubled Times

Edited by Chris Robertson and Sarah Van Gogh, with chapters by each of them plus Joan Crawford, Nicky Marshall, Ewa Robertson, Jo-Ann Roden and Mary Smail, the book offers an integrative perspective that both gives a place to the troubles of the modern world and also develops a well-tuned craft to firstly attend to our painful wounds and ultimately transform their bitterness into the salt of wisdom.  You can order it from Amazon by clicking here or direct from Transpersonal Press here

More about all trainers and Trustees on the  ‘Who’s Who at Re-Vision’ page

Legal Status 

Re-Vision is a charity registered in England (no.1068739) and a non-profit educational company registered as ReVision Ltd, company number 2789040. The governing documents were reviewed recently and can be found by clicking on this link

Privacy Policy

Re-Vision has recently updated its privacy policy and the whole document can be found here: Privacy Policy
This policy summarises the training record retention policy for students, the full text of which can be found here: Training Records Policy Document (1)

Fees and Bursary Fund

Our fees are kept as low as possible, commensurate with sustainability. We aim to continue to make our courses and training widely available and we offer our successful bursary scheme which is aimed at all those who might not otherwise be able to access the training due to cost. “The bursary system is exemplary and a particular achievement for such a small organisation.” (HIPC/UKCP course re-accreditation panel.)  Ethnic diversity is not adequately reflected in the counselling and psychotherapy profession. Students and graduates from minority ethnic backgrounds who have trained at Re-Vision have alerted us to the growing need for professionally trained practitioners within their own communities. We want to reach out to this wider cross-section of the community and so the bursary fund particularly helps to facilitate the training of counsellors and psychotherapists from ethnic minority and other under-represented groups.