24 Aug 2021
August 24, 2021

Covid update for autumn 2021

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Re-Vision’s training will remain mostly online for the first term of the 20/21 academic year. There is still much uncertainty around the Covid-19 pandemic, with many different opinions on whether we have reached place of being ‘safe enough’ to consider a return to the reintroduction of face-to-face training. This decision was taken after detailed consideration of:
1. The safety (risk) in the population at large, in the light of the current infection rates, government guidelines, scientific advice, public transport safety measures, etc.
2. The safety (risk) for the members of Re-Vision, in terms of the building layout, available resources, accessing new resources, etc.
3. Respecting individual choice and personal responsibility
This decision will be revisited in the middle of each term for the following term to allow everyone time to make the appropriate arrangements.
We all look forward to the return to the room when it is appropriate to do so,