“God said to the almond tree, 'Sister, speak to me of Love.' And the almond tree blossomed.”

“God said to the almond tree, ‘Sister, speak to me of Love.’ And the almond tree blossomed.” In a talk I heard James Hillman give at the Institute of Art in Education, in London, many years ago, he made an important point I have never forgotten about the need not to conflate creativity with productivity… read more →

29 Oct 2019
October 29, 2019

Goodbye to Summer

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Autumn is the season of slowing down, and gathering in. It’s the time of bidding ‘goodbye’ to the swallows, the roses, the long balmy evenings, and the mornings when sunlight pours through the curtains long before it’s time to get up. No wonder it is the season which has long been associated with melancholy. Not.. read more →

In November 2017 my father died at the age of 86. He had been increasingly physically disabled for several years, but paradoxically healthy, when he had a sudden stroke one Saturday evening. After a few days in which he appeared to be stable, his condition deteriorated and he entered the active phase of his dying,.. read more →