15 May 2020
May 15, 2020

Re-Vision remains on-line for now

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Re-Vision acted quickly in the current crisis to close down all face to face teaching in mid-March and to move our work on-line which has been remarkably successful.
We have closely examined the recent updates to government guidance and, in that context, believe that the best way forward for Re-Vision, students and staff, is to continue on-line for the time being, with plans in place to change back to working in person in the building as soon as it is safe and appropriate to do so. Our accrediting bodies have approved the changes we have made to facilitate on-line learning and have confirmed that students who meet the necessary learning outcomes, whether through on-line or in person teaching and practice will be able to qualify.
We are finalising an on-line timetable for all our teaching beginning in the autumn which can be switched back to a  timetable for face to face in the building when that becomes possible. We have also made modifications so we can move our upcoming introductory taster evenings, Heart and Soul days and the summer ‘Transitions’ courses on-line. We will be running the interviews for applicants to stages 1 and 4 on-line between now and September. Our Low Cost Counselling Service will also remain on-line only for now.
Our reasons for continuing on-line for the moment include:
• Even the largest room in the building would not be able to take more than six, maybe eight people at most with social distancing as recommended in government advice. Corridors are narrow and there is little scope for a one-way system.
• Almost all staff and students have to travel in on public transport, many across London and many from much further away. Guidance from the government recommends only necessary journeys: as we are able to run the courses on-line, we can avoid such travel.
• A significant number of students and staff are at risk or vulnerable by virtue of age or underlying health conditions; many live in a household with those who fall into an at-risk or vulnerable category.