Psychotherapy Diploma

UKCP Accredited Psychotherapy Diploma

Our next two-year part-time post-qualifying training course starts in September 2018.
The training is a creative, contemporary approach to psychotherapy, integrating the latest neuroscientific, trauma, ecopsychology and attachment based thinking with Archetypal, Post-Jungian and Transpersonal perspectives.
For graduates of our counselling training, the Psychotherapy training is the final two years of a five year training. The Psychotherapy diploma has an entry point every other year and we invite applications both from graduates of Re-Vision’s counselling diploma or those who have qualified elsewhere.
Please contact us to register your interest – a full schedule will be available early in 2018.
“Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an Intelligence and make it a soul?” John Keats
Character of this training

Relationship, integration and soul are the three principles that underpin Re-Vision’s method.  At the heart of our approach to psychotherapy is the field of the relationship – a space that contains both therapist and client.  We hold a creative tension between the Psychodynamic emphasis on frustrating narcissistic demands and that of the Transpersonal for the deep yearnings of the soul. Within a mutual synergetic field the question, “Who does this experience belong to?” loses its importance.  Psychotherapy from a Soulful Perspective, the heart of the Re-Vision approach, is a mutual process for transformation and renewal in which both parties are deeply engaged. The size of training groups at Re-Vision is maintained at a modest level to reflect the need for close and intimate contact in this profession, giving each student the personal attention they need for their development.

Aims and outcomes

The overall aim of the training is to combine a spiritual and soulful perspective with clinical excellence. This two year Post-Diploma course is intended to deepen previous training to establish a psychotherapeutic basis for long-term soulful engagement with clients.  Practical outcomes include developing the ability to:

  • step outside frames of ‘what is wrong’ and explore what troubles the soul
  • use mythology as a source for clients’ history
  • give a soulful perspective to psychopathology
  • creatively utilise counter-transference
  • link intuition and imagination with practice
  • work with shadow material
  • understand issues of power and abuse.

“This is an organisation that carefully nurtures each student, gradually empowering them till they reach a point where they feel fully equipped both professionally and personally to function as responsible psychotherapists.”
HIPS (Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy) assessment panel

Who is it for?

This training is for qualified counsellors who want to deepen their work within a psychospiritual context and achieve UKCP registration.
Applications are welcomed both from Re-Vision counselling graduates and those who have trained elsewhere.

Training format and method

This programme is intended to complete a psychotherapy training of five years’ duration of which the first part comprises the Counselling Diploma. The Post-Diploma training takes an additional two years. Courses are experiential with an emphasis on inner connection to thinking rather than conceptual abstraction. This building on inner experience is part of the ‘inside-out’ learning method which supports the development of creative learning.

Stage 4 (2018/2019)
  • 4 weekend courses (1 residential)
  • 5 seminars fortnightly in the third term
  • 15 three-hour group supervisions
  • 15 alternate interpersonal or tutorial meetings
  • 4-day residential summer intensive
Stage 5 (2019/2020)
  • 2 weekend courses (1 residential)
  • 3 Saturday seminars
  • 15 five and a half hour seminars
  • 14 three-hour group supervisions
  • 16 alternate interpersonal or tutorial meetings
  • 4-day residential summer intensive

Craft of soul-making

Key components of the training include:

Wounded Healer

These workshops will examine how healing necessitates wounding, exploring how we can be both a container for, and be open to, suffering.  Allowing our wounds to be the gateway to soul brings a reciprocal healing into the relationship. The mutual acceptance of suffering facilitates a transformation from victim to wounded healer through facing deep fears, grief and longing.

Shadow, Complex and Archetype 

In these seminars we will examine some key concepts in Jungian Depth Psychology: personal Shadow, what it is, how it operates; what is a complex, how it is constellated and how it operates within the psyche. Through an exploration of myth, ritual and fairy stories we will come to an appreciation of Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious, how archetypes function and relate to the idea of the complex.

Context and the Field 

These evening seminar/workshops will explore the two subtle and powerful ideas of Context and Field as developed at Re-Vision for the creative use of counter transference within a soulful perspective.

Entry requirements
Applicants should have completed a BACP recognised course, have covered equivalent ground to Re-Vision’s three-year counselling diploma, and have at least 200 hours’ client practice. We attempt to honour a practitioner’s previous training through an accreditation of prior learning (APL) procedure. Those without an equivalent background may be asked to complete some aspects of the counselling training. This will be discussed at an individual interview. The training begins with a bridging course which both introduces non-Re-Vision students to the Re-Vision approach and  introduces all students to the differences between counselling and psychotherapy practice.  Non Re-Vision graduates are also asked to complete the five-day ‘Transitions’ course at Re-Vision prior to the training.

Application procedure
This programme is offered biennially. The next intake for the full training is September 2018.  Please contact the Re-Vision office for an application form, full schedule of dates for the training, and with any questions you might have. Some further details can be found here: Psychotherapyinfoleaflet2016-2018

Students who successfully complete the training are eligible for UKCP registration. Graduates of our psychotherapy training can also apply for the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (EAP) and/or European Certificate of Integrative Psychotherapy (ECIP).

Fees include all residential costs and fortnightly supervision. Re-Vision training fees 2016 – 2017. Fees are likely to rise slighty for the 2018 intake.

For further information, please contact: The Administrator, Re-Vision, 97 Brondesbury Road, London NW6 6RY Tel: 020 8357 8881


“The course helped me to mature as a therapist by encouraging me to find my own voice, and allowed me to integrate various therapeutic approaches within my own thinking.”     Katerina Gadjanski

“This is the qualification I value the most, it took considerable effort to get it and it was worth every exciting moment.”  Sophia Neville