Poetry, Politics & Psychotherapy conference 15 September

Speaking to the Soul of a World in Crisis
with keynote speakers:
Jay Griffiths
Lemn Sissay
Marcia Willis Stewart
Saturday 15th September 2018
Friends House, Euston Road NW1 10am – 5pm £125
This conference is for psychotherapists, counsellors, art therapists, trainees and anyone interested in how psychotherapy influences and is influenced by politics and the imagination.
The conference both celebrates 30 years of Re-Vision and looks outwards and forwards.  At this point in the history of both our profession and the planet, it is clear that other, newer ways of looking at integrative practice are needed – just as ‘the personal is political’ was a way of seeing individual issues within the context of a wider political field, so we now need to see that ‘the personal is the planetary’ and work to develop an integrative approach to suffering, to speaking to the soul of the world at this time of crisis.
Our current world situation, with its challenges of climate change, of wars and refugees, politics of gender, fake news and more, impacts all of us with increasing force. Whilst they may regularly arise as issues in the therapist’s consulting room, treating them as an individual psychological distress, to be addressed at that level, is not necessarily sufficient, and may even compound the ‘cult of individuality’ that many see as underlying these phenomena in the first place. The need to attend differently to the woes of the world, at a collective as well as at an individual level, is the principal theme of this conference. To move therapy beyond the window of the consulting room and into the world may require us as therapists to become more ‘political’. Here we are drawing on the origins of the word politics: the Greek concept of Polis, or state. We ask how we can find our role, and the role of therapy in the political life of our communities. To sustain ourselves in service of our clients and our communities we need the nourishment of the imagination, and we need imagination to help us re-vision the work of therapeutic practice.
This conference brings together three keynote speakers:
Author Jay Griffiths, whose books including Wild: An Elemental Journey, and Tristimania: A Diary of Manic Depression give close attention to humanity’s relationship with the world.
Internationally renowned Poet and performer Lemn Sissay MBE; Lemn draws on his experience of growing up “in care” and uses his performance and poetry to challenge perceptions and to raise awareness.
Lawyer Marcia Willis Stewart , leading civil rights lawyer who represented 77 of the Hillsborough families and who won Black Solicitors’ Network lawyer of the year 2016 .
There will be a choice of afternoon workshops -details coming soon – to deepen our exploration of some of the morning’s themes. Each workshop will be jointly facilitated by members of Re-Vision’s training team and someone with relevant experience outside of psychotherapy.
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