04 Sep 2012
September 4, 2012

What are you looking for?

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Those who come to Re-Vision include:

  • Those exploring their own journey
  • Those seeking a career change
  • Professionals seeking deeper meaning and quality training
  • Those in a life transition or crisis
  • Qualified practitioners looking for post-qualifying courses with a spiritual dimension

What are the personal benefits?

  • Insight into your purpose and direction
  • Healing wounds within a holding space
  • Relating more authentically
  • A deeper acceptance of both the talented and the shadow aspects of yourself
  • More capacity for empathy and for working effectively with others

What past students have said:

  • “I have felt held with respect and integrity.”
  • “The high quality of training has shown itself throughout enabling me to noticeably improve my client work.”
  • “The seminars were inspiring and meaningful.”
  • “Things were spoken that I have always felt but never articulated.”

Comments from External Moderator for Psychotherapy Training, Summer 2014:

  • “What was striking  was the depth of critical reflection and feedback offered to each individual…the phrase ‘frankness from a place of good will’ was offered by a student”
  • “Warmth, challenge, appreciation and sense of respect for each other are modelled by the tutors”
  • “What I can certainly confirm is that the training at Re-Vision  (both academic and practice) is delivered not only to a high standard but … enables students to leave with a soulful light inside.”



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