05 Sep 2012
September 5, 2012

Professional Training and Other Courses

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Re-Vision provides professional training and offers short courses for both personal and professional development, introductory events, and a low-cost counselling service.  The counselling training starts every autumn and applications are welcome throughout the spring and summer.

During this period of Covid-19, Re-Vision has temporarily moved all training and events on-line – this includes at least the first term of the new academic year starting autumn 2020.   We will move the training back to face to face in the building when it is safe to do so. 

Courses are first and foremost experiential, with an emphasis on self-discovery. In therapeutic education, too early an emphasis on skills can encourage the student to use techniques as a defence against the anxiety of being in the inevitable uncertainty of the counselling situation. In this training, both theoretical perspectives and the development of counselling skills are initially presented in an implicit experiential way and only later made explicit. This building on inner experience is part of the ‘inside-out’ learning method in which students integrate skills into their own reality rather than using them as technical means to an end.

If you train with us we ask you to take our transitions course before you apply.  Not only will the course give you a real taste of our experiential training method and help you confirm if Re-Vision is the right place for you, but it also runs as a stand-alone self development course which is hugely appreciated whether or not you go on to our full professional training.

Re-Vision is a registered charity established in 1988 as a counselling and psychotherapy training centre. It has an experienced training group who share much of the responsibility for Re-Vision’s ongoing development.

See Who is Who at Re-Vision  for more about our trainers