CPD Events

Continuing Professional Development 

Robert Romanyshyn Saturday 6th July, central London, £110 including lunch

‘Victor Frankenstein, The Monster and the shadows of technology: The Frankenstein prophecies’
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a parable for our time, and Robert’s new book to be published soon: Victor Frankenstein, the Monster and the Shadows of Technology: The Frankenstein Prophecies poses eight questions addressed to us by the Monster, who, never named and abandoned by his creator, is exiled to the margins of mind where he haunts the collective imagination.

This new book forms the framework for this CPD event which focuses on the therapy room where the Monster’s descendants, whose voices have been silenced and whose stories are still un-told, now appear in symptomatic disguises. We will discuss how the Monster’s tale has specific implications for reframing psychotherapy as a cultural therapy.

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Relational Marketing

Therapeutic relationships from the first web search to the first session
with Dr Adam Kincel, Saturday & Sunday 14 & 15 September. £190

Although money is embedded in the culture of counselling and psychotherapy, it is rare that we discuss it or even dare to think how to increase our profits. Perhaps we have seen too many examples of profits being valued more than people or marketing designed to manipulate rather than connect. Relational marketing is a way of building therapeutic relationships based on transparency and care for the wellbeing of both the client and the therapist. This training will allow participants to attend to their attitudes toward money and examine marketing possibilities within counselling and psychotherapy.
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