CPD Events

Continuing Professional Development 2017

The Dance of Soma & Psyche: Working with the Body in Psychotherapy
Series of 3 evenings—Wednesdays 3rd, 10th and 17th May 2017 6.30 – 9.30pm – £125
with Katarina Gadjanski and Tasha Colbert

This three-evening CPD course will be of value to psychotherapists, counsellors and trainees who wish to work with their clients in a more embodied way, and who want to gain skills in working with the body within the framework of talking psychotherapy. We will learn tools for working with and transforming difficult sensations and emotions that clients ‘hold’ in their bodies, such as anxiety, anger and fear. We will work with the mind-body connection and explore body’s natural resources and self-healing tendencies. We will also explore how to work with the client’s personal boundaries using an embodied approach. More information and booking details Flyer & Booking form for Soma and Psyche

Psychotherapy and Embodiment of the Creative Process: Weaving New Stories Together
Saturday 8 July 2017 at the the St Albans Centre London EC1 – £130
Robert Romanyshyn
with Mary Smail and Chris Robertson

We are delighted that Robert Romanyshyn is returning to work with Re-Vision this year. The day offers the chance for psychotherapists, counsellors, arts therapists and therapy students to consider the language of Soul-making in practice. Embodying psyche is the crucial path towards a radical ethics that closes the gap between psychological insight and becoming what we wish to know. More information and booking details Romanyshyn flyer 2017

Relational Marketing: Building client-therapist relationships from the first web search to the first sessions
Thursday and Friday 28 & 29 September 2017 – £190
with Adam Kincel

This training will allow participants to attend to their attitudes toward money and marketing in counselling and psychotherapy. It will present the business side of therapy as a basis for building solid therapeutic alliances with our clients. Relational marketing is a way of building therapeutic relationships based on transparency and honesty. It is about how congruent we are throughout our marketing. Do we advertise what we offer? Is this message clear? Do we show ourselves in a similar way that our clients see us later in our consulting rooms? Suitable for: qualified and trainee counsellors and psychotherapists. More information and booking details Relational Marketing Flyer

Altered States of Consciousness – Psychiatric and Transpersonal Perspectives Re-Visioned. 
Saturday 25 November 2017 – £100
with Tom Warnecke

In this workshop, we will explore altered states of consciousness phenomena. What are our assumptions about their “pathological”, “energies of transformation” or “progressive” nature? Is there a trauma connection? Are there differences between “psychotic episodes” and “spontaneous non-ordinary states of consciousness” and is it possible to distinguish them? And how do we understand concepts such as “spiritual emergence”, “Kundalini awakening” and “spiritual problems or emergencies” in the context of therapy with a soulful perspective? Suitable for: qualified and trainee counsellors and psychotherapists.  More information and booking details Altered States flyer

Open modules on Re-Vision Training:
The following events are all training weekend or days from Re-Vision’s Post-Diploma psychotherapy training.  These are open to a limited number of additional attendees who must be qualified counsellors or psychotherapists. Delegates taking these modules as CPD will therefore be joining an existing group for these events.

Images of Self  with Deirdre Johnson
25 March 2017 10 am- 5 pm For Re-Vision Graduates + other therapists £100
Central to the idea of allowing for a spiritual dimension to the human psyche is an idea of the totality of all that we are: unconscious repressed shadow material that needs to be integrated, the potential of what we may yet become, and the universal aspect of the psyche beyond the purely personal contents of the unconscious. This day will examine conceptions of the Self using myths, dreams and imaginative work.

Mid-Life  with Joan Crawford
22-23 April 2017 10 am- 5 pm For Re-Vision Graduates + other therapists £190
The mid-life passage represents an important threshold between youth and maturity, where concerns about performance and achievement begin to give way to a growing need to understand the meaning of our lives, and to live out that meaning.  It can be a troubling and disorienting period, but facing into the confusion can lead to a deeper connection with our souls.   This weekend will build on Jung’s ideas of Shadow and Persona, and will explore ancient archetypal stories of life transitions.

Windows of Opportunity with Tom Warnecke
3-4 June 2017 10 am- 5 pm For Re-Vision Graduates + other therapists £190
How can we visit “the land of the dream”, hear the paradoxical symbolic language in which the psyche speaks, become affected by the peculiarities of the imaginal world, and discover soulfulness and meaning in what may seem a confusing or contrary jumble?

For booking on all these events please see the booking form on here: CPD weekends 2016-17

The Unravelling and Radical Hope – a series
Saturday 14 January 2017 10—5pm and five Thursday evenings 7-9.30pm – 26 January; 2 February; 2, 16, and 30 March 2017 £250
with Chris Robertson

This series of evenings with a whole day to start is for counsellors and psychotherapists to share and reflect together on the apparent tear in the fabric of our culture. This will lead to the unfolding theme of what reparative work might be called for in response to this rupture and whether we have the skills and courage to engage outside the familiarity of the consulting room. The aim is to explore how an extension of therapeutic work could lead to more direct work with our cultural malaise and if a radical new hope could be birthed out of facing into the cultural shadow. More information and booking details can be found here: radical-hope-update