Re-Vision Day Conference Saturday 25th January 2020
at Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire MK44 3AL
Returning with Gold – the Redemptive Gift of the Painful Descent

The gift of gold is the last reward and benefit of the archetypal descent journey, earned after the soul has fallen into the underworld through collective or personal trauma.   Through these experiences we are drawn in to deep dark places, where we can no longer live by the light we knew.  World mythology says we must descend, wait, transform, and eventually ascend, bearing a boon – a benefit—which comes from the depths experience.     What is mined on this sojourn into the half-light, and the descents we make into ourselves, promises a resource, brought back to the everyday world to be shared with others. Gold has to be perceived, carried and then delivered – often to others who may not primarily “under-stand” or recognise its worth.    It is our responsibility to have the courage to bring our gold back.

Our keynote speaker is Jelena Watkins who will speak of her experiences working with people involved in catastrophic events on a large scale, such as terror attacks, and natural or man-made disasters, which create wounds that are hard to heal. She writes: “Those who are most directly affected by collective trauma have the potential to be catalysts for change by undertaking the Hero’s Journey, where the underworld journey through devastation has been undertaken and from which gifts are brought back to the community. But will the society accept the gifts?” She will draw on her experience of being a trauma psychotherapist and an activist, following her own bereavement in 9/11. She will also talk about her current work with those affected by the Manchester Arena attack.
This day, which is open to professionals from outside Re-Vision as CPD is a stand-alone part of a full weekend for the whole community.

More details and booking instructions can be found here: WR 20 Day Conference update